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4th of July, For the Birds show 7/11

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I still don’t think I’ve quite recovered from last week’s 4th of July Woodsist/Captured Tracks festival to edit and post all my pictures, but Brooklyn Vegan and had many really great ones from it.


Sadly, your intrepid reporter’s fear of Port-O-Potties combined with bad bladder timing had her stuck in the bathroom line at Mr. Kiwi during my much anticipated Brilliant Colors so I only caught their last song. I was sad but they were awesome! From all accounts of trusted sources Brilliant Colors were one of the great hits of both days.


My personal favorites from day one were caUSE co-MOTION whose bassist Liam was so energetic he literally stomped a hole right through the stage and The Mayfair Set debut, with Kristen Dum Dum haunting us in the sweltering Market Hotel heat with her stage presence and sweat-inducing outfit.

Day two was a beauty all around: outside, sunny, breezy, the Vivian Girls, the aforementioned much lauded Brilliant Colors set, Frankie drumming for the Dum Dum girls, and Todd P’s loudspeaker voice hovering over it all like God on a Sunday. It was a damn good 4th of July, hope you were there.

Ali. All Vivian Girls photos by Cathy Hsiao.

This weekend a scene of a different sort is worth supporting: the For the Birds Collective show at the 1087 Broadway loft.

For the Birds is a Brooklyn collective supporting women in music that’s been around for a couple of years now with members from the ashes of the beloved feminist Jane Doe books out on Montrose avenue. You might have seen them tabling at the Tom Tom benefit at Death by Audio and they put out zines, comps, and a yearly all-ages all-day event called The Big She-Bang (8/15) with “workshops, panel discussions, visual art, and music by and for women and women-identified artists & community members.”

Saturday’s show features all women bands, including Zombie Dogs. Zombie Dogs played two weekends ago with another Tom Tom featured drummer Gina Marie of Ina! Ina! and their myspace description is pretty accurate: like if Minor Threat and Excuse 17 had a beautiful zombie baby. Multi-talented guitarist Krista (who was also the drummer for the now defunct Carnal Knowledge) plays off Kathi’s muscular drumming with sweet intensity.

The dynamic duo.

The 1087 Loft itself is a feminist space that hosts plenty of great shows often put on by the Strength in Numbers Collective in addition to For the Birds. So show some sisterly pride and take the J train down Kosciusko way this Saturday! Cathy.


Fourth of July Woodsist / Captured Tracks Festival

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Its Fourth of July weekend and Brooklyn’s alive with the sound of female drumming! There’s so much fun stuff happening in the next couple of days but none might be as fun as the Woodsist/Captured Tracks festival.

It’s all happening Friday and Saturday July 3rd and 4th at the Market Hotel and at the backyard of 979 Broadway both right next to each other in Bushwick. This event was conceived and curated by Jeremy Earl of Woodsist and Mike Sniper of Captured Tracks. These hometown veterans have put together a really great duo of shows, and it isn’t just because they were smart enough to have the festival headline with awesome female drummers. Highlights from each of the days include some of the foxiest drum chops around. Day one features one of our personal favorites Crystal Stilts’ Frankie Rose

who will soon wow us with a solo side project where she sings and plays guitar. Day two features Ali Koehler of Vivian Girls, who recently finished their second album Everything Goes Wrong (out September 8th on In the Red) and returned from a European tour. They’re going on tour again starting in August.  Think back to the last time you could say you saw the Vivian Girls in a Brooklyn backyard, so catch them while you can. Check out their new video for “Moped Girls”

I’m also especially excited about seeing Brilliant Colors.

They’re three girls out of the San Francisco scene (along with Grass Widow) with Diane on drums, Jess on guitar and vox and Michelle on bass. The song “I’m 16” is a perfect evocation of being exactly that, with a sigh and a snicker just as much as a snarl.

Last in celebration of Independence Day I want to post an “Old School Throwback” and ask if we agree that The Runaways are one of the most all-American bands of the ages?

The “Famous Five” version of the Runaways with Cherrie Currie’s equally infamous corset: Sandy West, Jackie Fox, Cherrie Currie, Lita Ford, Joan Jett. Listening to Sandy West’s drumming on Cherry Bomb makes me instantly want to spray some Sun-In in my hair, head over to a BBQ with shorts on, beer cozy in tow and throw some patties on the grill. The Japanese loved them and its the perfect song to celebrate the inauguration of a wet hot American summer.

By the time you read this I will be parked next to the stage at Market Hotel and 979 Broadway, but here’s to you lady drummers and a happy fourth of July to all! Cathy.

How They Live

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Whatever happened to the Durty Nanas? They broke up. The Durty Nanas consisted of Tha Pumpsta, Shannon Funchess (Telepathe, TV on the Radio, !!!, Bunny Rabbit) and drummer Lacy Rae Lancaster. We will be interviewing both Shannon and Lacy for upcoming features in Tom Tom. On Friday I caught up with two members of this all-star crew at Bruar Falls.


Lacy is currently in a band called Living Days which is a highly theatrical, fun, and retro sounding band. The band is fronted by Stephonik (see above) and has amazing vocals. They are currently working on their first album and there are rumors that Bad Brilliance will be directing their first video. Check out their myspace.

Here are some photos of Lacy’s awesome performance at Bruar Falls.



Shannon is known primarily for her singing and now plays the drums in her band Light Asylum. She is an integral player in the Brooklyn music scene and we are psyched to find out more about her drumming career. She is also involved in an all-female all-star percussion band called Chica Vas that will be performing the Northside Festival on June 13 at Glasslands. Here are photos from her performance at Bruar Falls.




Listen to I.U.D. for Safer Sex

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We love I.U.D.’s debut album “The Proper Sex” and not just because it has not one but TWO female drummers! Rather love is in the air because they turn found sounds, carnal chanting, and industrial rhythms into something that one can almost dance to. The duo consists of Lizzy Bougatos of Gang Gang Dance and Sadie Laska of Growing. The album, which is out on Social Registry, is driven by a profound interest in percussion. We look forward to their interview in Tom Tom Magazine! Check out their song “Daddy” on their myspace.



Rhythmic vocals- Inuit Throat Singing

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This may or may not be news to some of you, since I’ve been obsessed with Inuit throat singing for some time and have blogged about it before, but it’s still too astounding not to bring up here.

This is a video of Janet Aglukkaq and Kathy Keknek throat singing between their classes at Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut. The “off the cuff” feel of the video shot “between classes” coupled with their completely incredible sense of rhythm and command of tone makes this video really incredible to me.  I don’t know about you, but where I was growing up kids definitely didn’t engage in throat singing between classes and high school would have been WAY better if they did. My friend Michael Dumontier, a Canadian artist, is also a huge fan of throat singing and has seen it live, which I never have.  He says that live the singers really do maintain eye contact and often the singing ends in laughter.  He says, “I read that the inuit throat singing game also ends if someone runs out of breath (making the one that holds on longest the winner)…I like the idea of determining a song’s length based on how much breath you have.” I love that idea as well.  It actually reminds me of many durational performance art pieces such as Laurie Anderson’s early violin concerts on ice-skates embedded in melting ice.  I love the idea that this is a beautiful, expressive art, as well as a fun game that is very connected to the physicality of and relationship between the performers.

Below the video of Janet and Kathy is another of Aryaut and Aniksak , Inuit Traditional Throatsingers from Arviat, Nunavut CANADA.

-Sara Magenheimer