Drummer of the Week: Madelin Espinosa

In Tom Tom Magazine Blogroll, Tom Tom Magazine Featured Drummer on August 19, 2009 at 1:59 am

This week I would like to feature another conguera percussionist. Her name is Madelin Espinosa and she has rhythm and style to spare. Check out the video below where she does a solo with a 4 piece set-up.

Born in Havana, Cuba she was formaly trained in the Felix Varela School of Music. Afterwards, Madelin played in various all girl percussion groups and colaborted with other groups and recordings including Raul Torres’ Fenix de Crystal. She is curently living in Madrid, Spain and has toured Finland and Sweden with singer Jari Sillanpaa and band director Carlos del Puerto.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be chatting with Madelin via email and I’m happy to announce that we will post an interview soon. For now I can tell you that she has been a pleasure to speak with and has been very generous and accommodating. She has a true, admirable passion for music and it is apparent in her performances. You will rarely see a video performance of her where she is not smiling.

More recently she is collaborating in a group called Timbako directed by her talented brother Pepe Espinosa.

Talent, style, and class, this sums her up. Check out her myspace page for more info on Madelin.

Alex Carulo

  1. Love the Latin flavors, the many flavors of your blogs…Keep the BEAT goin…

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