Drummer of the Week: Sheila Escovedo

In Tom Tom Magazine Featured Drummer on July 29, 2009 at 4:25 pm

Each week I strive to feature a different drummer from different backgrounds and genres staying away from mainstream in an effort to introduce someone you may have not heard of. Perhaps someone to inspire or influence you, and always to entertain you. This week however, I jump on to the mainstream jet stream and write about my personal all time favorite drummer, Sheila E.

Sheila E.

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the 80’s, perhaps it’s because I have a latin background, perhaps it’s because she toured with Prince and I happen to be a Prince maniac (this is my second featured drummer that has worked with Prince), but Sheila still reigns as my personal all-time drumming pick, male or female.

It’s easy to overlook and begin to take for granted the talent that resides in mainstream pop. Take for example the recent loss of Michael Jackson, and how the stations began playing his songs day and night in his honor; chances are you forgot how good his music actually is.

Well, I fear people have forgotten about Sheila, people tend to shelf her, overlook the greatness, they are numbed by the easy listening stations constantly droning out “Glamorous Life”. They may fear to fall part of a cliché especially if the 80’s goes back out of style (yeah right!).

But if you put the whole Sheila package together; drummer, percussionist, vocalist, songwriter, performer, arranger, producer, composer, instrumentalist and humanitarian, you will recognize the greatness. Notice in the video below how the crowd reacts strongest during the slow breakdown beats, the parts that are simply Sheila E. Enjoy.

Alex Carulo


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