Drummer of the Week: Nao Kawakita of Maximum the Hormone

In Tom Tom Magazine Blogroll, Tom Tom Magazine Featured Drummer on July 15, 2009 at 8:23 am

In honor of a US Marine friend who ships out to Japan today for the 3 years, I decided to feature some extreme Japanese rock. Maximum the Hormone formed in 1998 by Daisuke Tsuda and drummer Nao Kawakita.

A decade later the band is still cranking out throat ripping vocal, fast drum beats and screaching guitar riffs. Tsuda plays guitar, Nao drums and offers vocals. She introduced her younger brother Ryo on guitar and vocals into the band soon after it started and along with Futoshi Uehara on bass, this makes up the band roster today.

Their latest album Buiikikaesu released in 2007 features the song Zetsubou Billy. The video is below, its one of there bigger productions with sets costumes and make-up.

They are currently doing gigs all over Japan and their latest maxi single released last year called Tsume Tsume Tsume. Check out their website for more information and try your hand at extreme Japanese rock.


Godspeed Roy.

Alex Carulo

  1. Another great choice and I always enjoy being ‘cultured’…

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