Tom Tom Magazine – LaFrae Sci Launches Drummer Blog

In Tom Tom Magazine Featured Drummer on April 22, 2009 at 5:33 am

LaFrae Sci Drummer

A truly inspiring drummer and good friend LaFrae Sci has just launched a new blog which will track her adventures as a professional drummer working in New York and beyond. Read below for a quote from the drummer herself on what to expect:

” I am truly honored to be about to leave on a 5 week tour through
Romania, Albania, Monte Negro, and Bosnia sponsored by the state
department and Rhythm Road (formerly known as the Jazz Ambassador
program) with the Eli Yamin Blues group. I will be performing about 30 concerts and 20 or
so clinic/workshops in communities and conservatories alike. I will be updating (the blog)
with photos, video and stories from the road daily (internet
availability permitting).

I invite you to subscribe to my Blog o’ Love and join me on my
journey. I have posted a few posts already including one that
explains the Jazz Ambassador to Rhythm Road tour in greater detail.

the site is:

Check it Out!


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